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  The Company:
New Dawn Engineering is at the forefront of labour-intensive equipment manufacturing. We are situated in Matsapa, the heart of Swaziland's international industrial site. Our new factory and offices are equiped with modern tools and machinery. We are well known for our comprehensive approach to development, design and manufacture of labour-intensive production equipment.

Our research and development focuses on maximizing the effective use of human resources. Maintaining a high product quality ensures that the entrepreneur has the greatest chance of earning a living, and returning for additional equipment.

You, as a business person, cannot afford to take chances with unproven and shoddy products (often copies of our original equipment). We offer a range of equipment whose output can compete profitably against established, commercial mechanized producers.

Quality Control:
A good product has two important characteristics - it must be well designed and well made. Our equipment is designed to make products to international standards. Since pioneering the first Net Wire Board in 1984, we have consistantly refused to cut corners in use of quality raw materials and production procedures. Experience has proven the wisdom of this policy.

New Dawn Engineering's success in labour intensive technologies, we believe, begins even before the production stage because first and foremost New Dawn Engineering is an ideas company. We started with an outstanding idea and we have continued to grow ever since. Appropriate technologies are constantly developing so the company is anticipating and responding to the dynamics in the appropriate technologies market. A detailed knowledge of problems, solved and unsolved, acquired through constant contact with companies and organizations operating in a wide range of fields, means that we are able to create solutions ahead of their time. Our equipment has proven time and time again that New Dawn Engineering can stand proudly at the forefront of this field in Africa.

Training Seminars:
Development of appropriate technologies in recent years has been rapid. New Dawn Engineering provides training in the design, building, maintenance, use and economics of our own products, and also in customer specified projects and programmes large and small.

Social And Economic Development:
New Dawn Engineering is backed by a professional staff with an in-depth knowledge of appropriate technologies that produce qualitative and quantitative results. We have been involved for many years in promoting community revitalization through technologies and techniques that extend their economic base. We adapt technologies to the materials and skills that are available in your country or area that you are assisting. In this way the economic viability is retained even in coutries with differing materials supply and management systems. For over fifteen years we have made it easier for semi-skilled workers to compete directly against capital-intensive urban manufacturers, and where possible, to free them from dependence on imported energy and liquid fuels.

Company Services:
- Engineering designs
- Development of prototypes
- Project development, monitoring and evaluation
- Training of instructors and artisans
- Feasibility studies and implementation strategies

By concentrating on positives, on a common development future we are building bridges for tomorrow. We believe that labour-intensive equipment and social and economic development can be catalysts not only for third world coutries, but for illustrating a better future for mankind.

Our performance enables us to look at the future with great confidence, even in the face of such issues as ecological degradation, increasing population, unemployment, over-mechanization and so on. A considerable portion of our resources is devoted to achieving technological supremacy in the development of equipment that empowers communities. we put their most abundant resource, the human resource, to work.

Contact Information:
We can be contacted by telephone, fax or e-mail. The telephone is manned from 5AM GMT to 3PM GMT Monday to Friday.

International (+268) 518-5016 or 518-4194
From RSA (00268) 518-5016 or 518-4194

The fax machine (14,400 baud, hi-res) is available on either line by request from 5AM GMT to 3PM GMT Monday to Friday.

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 3223 Manzini, MZ200, Swaziland, Southern Africa

Hours of Operation:
5:00am GMT to 3:00pm GMT (7:00am to 5:00pm local time) Monday to Friday.

E-mail addresses:
General inquires and information: info@newdawnengineering.com
Sales information: sales@newdawnengineering.com
Product support: support@newdawnengineering.com

This web site is http://www.newdawnengineering.com

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